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Visiting Rules

You are most welcome to visit the Centre.  To keep a pleasant environment for all visitors to enjoy and to protect the items on display, we would like to request your cooperation in observing the following arrangements during the visit:

​​During the Covid-19 pandemic:

  • All visitors are requested to observe personal hygiene and social distancing requirements, including put on a surgical face mask, keep the hands clean (alcohol-based handrub is provided inside the Centre), and maintain a safe distance from others.  We will also take the temperature of all visitors upon entry. ​


  • ​Visitors are welcome to read the books on display.  Our staff are happy to take them out upon request.

  • No writing, marking and soiling of exhibits, walls or facilities, nor damaging or tampering with them in other ways.

  • No running or playing.

  • No eating or drinking.

  • No excessive noise.  

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